30 years trading feathers & down

Quality and reliability are advantages our clients have appreciated for years. Interhandel's contractors always receive goods that meet their expectations. Always on time. That's my personal guarantee.

Krzysztof Świerczyński
Owner of Interhandel


Feathers and down. Duck and goose. Per your requirements.

We offer hundreds of tons of feathers and down each year. Goose feathers and down as well as duck feathers and down. Always of the best quality. Always from geese and ducks previously killed in a humanitarian manner.

We strongly recommend feathers and down originating from geographical and historical regions of Poland. Masuria, Pomerania and areas near Warta river are not only beautiful but they also create favourable conditions for breeding the world-famous White Kołuda geese. Moreover, on a regular basis, we offer goods imported from Ukraine and Russia.

We focus on the specific needs of every single customer and treat each of them individually. We are able to satisfy all requirements, even the most demanding ones. Please contact our sales department in order to talk about details and to receive samples of feathers and down.


In-house laboratories. 100% quality.

Uncompromising approach to the highest quality is visible in every step of our production process. Samples are tested in an in-house, modern, well-equipped laboratory. The reputable company LORCH provides sorting machines for our production hall. The whole process is supervised by experienced staff.

Rigorous methods of ensuring top quality allow us unfailingly to get down purity exceeding 90%, which has gained high recognition even on the demanding Japanese market.


Certified, organic farm. Caring for the animals.

We cooperate with the only certified, organic goose farm in Poland. We take into consideration demands of animal rights defenders and regulations of the European Union. We do not accept causing needless pain to animals.

Our goods never originate from live plucking of geese and ducks. All the feathers and down are collected by us from birds bred for meat production, killed in humanitarian manner.

Trade cooperation

Europe. Japan. Taiwan. Business partners all over the world.

Are natural, organic products straight from Poland able to enjoy clients on the other side of the Earth? In the age of globalisation it is possible, but requires cooperation with a company you can rely on. Interhandel guarantees that ordered goods will always be sent on time. And quality standards will always be satisfied.

We are proud of long-standing, successful business contacts in five languages. We send feathers and down to Poland as well as to places thousands of miles away. By land, sea or air. We have individual approach to every single customer. We are building relationships based not only on mutual trust but also on respect and friendliness.